Image by Andrea Boldizsar via Unsplash.comResearch has shown that only 8% of people succeed with their new years resolutions. With the first month of the year gone, 36% of people have already given up their resolutions. Lack of passion & not knowing WHY they took it? The scale of impracticality. Lack of action plan or awareness. Unrealistic [Continue reading...]

As an audience, we're exposed to near 1000 new pieces of content a day. We have all the resources at our disposal to make informed decisions. For every choice we make, we decline 999 other options. It can seem overwhelming for marketers and startup owners to try and stand out in this deep ocean of [Continue reading...]

If you're trying reach new audiences for your online business or website, one of the most effective ways is by getting exposure on popular blogs in your niche. Who wouldn't want to be exposed to a highly relevant blog of 10,000 unique visitors a month and a mailing list of 5000+? The challenge is in initially [Continue reading...]

Getting a website to get organic traffic should be a fun and rewarding process. Rather than focusing on building links, it’s more fruitful to focus on the user experience, making good shit and building genuine relationships. Among the many websites hit in 2013, Interflora were the highest profile. They got caught flush by Google for using advertorials [Continue reading...]

By getting your buyer personas (or audience personas) right, you're setting the foundation to begin your marketing efforts. Very often, buyer personas can be overlooked or misused. The problem is that marketers don't dig deep enough. There's too much guessing. The aim of this post to help you better understand your buyer personas by getting [Continue reading...]

This is my 3rd blog.  One thing that both blogs shared in common was that they were not in line with my personality. I worried too much about how my blog posts would be received. My vision with this blog is just be true to myself and not worry too much about how my posts will [Continue reading...]